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Using Google Docs


The Using Google® Docs course is a series of six modules with two sessions designed to familiarize you with the Google® Docs environment and teach you basic word processing skills. Each session is a Flash video that will open in another browser window.

Upon completion of this course you will know how to open, create, share, edit, store, and upload documents with Google® Docs.

Below are the six modules with links that open in a new window:

Module 1 - Opening Google Docs

In this module you will learn how to find and open the Google Docs application.

Demonstration     Quiz

Module 2 - Create a New Folder

In this module you will learn to create a new folder.

Demonstration    Quiz

Module 3 - Create a New Document

In this module you will learn to create a new document.

Demonstration     Quiz

Module 4 - Share a Document

In this module you will learn to share a document.

Demonstration     Quiz

Module 5 - Edit a Shared Document

In this module you will learn to edit a shared document.

Demonstration     Quiz

Module 6 - Upload a Document

In this module you will learn to upload a document into a folder.

Demonstration    Quiz

To begin the lesson click on any of the links to a module shown above.

First, watch as the procedure for a module is demonstrated. Then take the combination practice/quiz.

The quiz items are the mouse clicks and text entries demonstrated in the first session. A passing score is 80%. You can retake the quiz as often as desired or needed.

Level: N/A. Credit: N/A. Anticipated workload: 45 minutes to complete all six modules.

Instructor Contact Information
Instructor: Leon Hudson
Phone: (512) 913-8972
Office Hours: Available 24 hours via text or email. Available from 8 am to 4 pm Central time on Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
Email: Leon@TexEdEx.com (Always include "Using Google Docs - Name - Subject" in the subject line of the email.)
Web: http://www.TexEdEx.com

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